Your Personalized E-Commerce Checklist guide

When you start an ecommerce site you realize that there are loads of items that need to be checked, cross-checked and tested to ensure that your customers have a nice experience. That’s why I put together an expansive checklist for new ecommerce sites.

As we go through your website we will mark off when we complete each item and track things in BaseCamp to ensure that your ecommerce site is ready for selling and things are getting done in a timely manner. By now you should have already recieved your basecamp invitation and should have your account set up and logged in. Base Camp is super easy to use and there is even a mobile app!

Manage what your customers see first

  • Include a nicely designed logo
  • Make sure the site works on all browsers and devices
  • Promotional graphics and links on the homepage
  • Links to the most popular products
  • Calls to action to push people to important sales pages
  • Have a clear search field at the top of your site
  • Display any specials, promotions or free shipping options
  • A latest news area
  • Links to recent purchases and popular products
  • An area to search for popular brands
  • Language options is necessary for your ecommerce site

    The look and feel of your website

    • Include security certificates and reminders that the transactions are safe throughout the website
    • Keep a minimalist design for easy navigation
    • Test the speed of your site so pages load quickly – Pingdom is a nice tool for this
    • Remove broken links and fill in empty product pages
    • Make sure you have categories on each page and filtering options
    • Have the email signup form show up on every page
    • A link to your Career page
    • A link to Legal information
    • A link to your Privacy policy
    • A link to your Contact Page
    • A link to the FAQ page
    • Links to your social pages
    • Links to return and exchange policies
    • Links to supplier information pages
    • Sharing buttons
    • A login box
    • Tabs at the top of your ecommerce website to categories and products
    • A shopping cart at the top in case people saved items
    • Show what payment systems you use and any security measures you take
    • Tabs leading to your support pages
    • Make your ecommerce responsive and test it on all devices and browsers
    • Show the checkout button clearly on each page
    • Apply breadcrumbs on each page to help people find the products or pages they need